Terea for IQOS is a revolutionary tobacco product that provides an innovative and satisfying smoking experience. It is a tobacco stick that is designed to be used with the IQOS heated tobacco device, which heats the tobacco without burning it, producing a flavorful and satisfying vapor.

Terea for IQOS comes in a variety of flavors, including menthol, classic, and amber, catering to different preferences. The tobacco used in Terea for IQOS is specially selected and processed, ensuring a consistent and high-quality smoking experience.

One of the key benefits of using Terea for IQOS is that it produces less odor and smoke compared to traditional cigarettes, making it a more discreet and convenient option for smokers. Additionally, using Terea for IQOS eliminates the need for ashtrays and lighters, making it a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative.

Terea for IQOS is available in Vape Store Web in Dubai and can also be purchased online. The product is affordable and offers a cost-effective way to enjoy a premium smoking experience.

In summary, Terea for IQOS is a high-quality tobacco product that provides a unique and satisfying smoking experience. Its convenience, portability, and reduced smoke and odor make it an attractive option for smokers who want a cleaner and more discreet alternative to traditional cigarettes.

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IQOS Heets Terea Indonesian Version Heatsticks in Dubai, UAE


Product Specifications:

  1. Brand: IQOS
  2. Variant: Terea Green
  3. Compatible with: IQOS Iluma device
  4. Weight: 25-200 grams
  5. Flavor Profile: Smooth and rich taste
  6. Cooling Sensation: Yes
  7. Authenticity: 100% genuine by IQOS Indonesia

IQOS HEETS TEREA Kazakhstan in Dubai, UAE

Product Specification: Condition: New Unit Weight: 25 – 200 g 100% authentic by IQOS KAZAKHSTA. It comes in boxes of 10 packs. Each pack contains 20 pieces