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What is an E-Cigarette?

E-cigs, or electronic cigs, mimic smoking. No tobacco burn, no nasty smoke. They run on a battery heat liquid (e-juice) with flavors and nicotine. Inhale, exhale harmless mist. Like a cigarette but cooler. No harmful stuff.

Why Choose E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes rock for several reasons, like:


These bad boys are way safer than regular smokers. Forget about those thousands of nasty chemicals in tobacco smoke. Public Health England says e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful. Plus, they’re a godsend for folks trying to quit smoking. Kick the habit without the nasty side effects – it’s a win-win.

Legit Stuff: 

In Dubai and the UAE, vaping is cool – as long as you play by the rules of the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). We only sell e-cigs that toe the line – got the certificates, show health warnings, and nothing funky inside. So, you can puff away without a care in the world.

Cash Money: 

Switching to e-cigs saves you big bucks. Starter kit: around 200 AED. Pack of cigs: 20 AED. Do the math. If you’re a pack-a-day kinda person, you’re pocketing 6,000 AED a year. That’s a mini vacation right there.

Choices Galore: 

Get ready for a vaping wonderland. Pods, pens, boxes – we got it all. Flavors? Take your pick: tobacco, menthol, fruity goodness, or dessert dreamland. You can even go zero nicotine if that’s your vibe. We’ve got the best brands in town – SMOK, Vaporesso, GeekVape, Aspire, and more. Your choices, your way, always at Vape Store Web.

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Juul 2 Device E-Cigarettes 250mAh Battery in Dubai, UAE

Original price was: د.إ199.Current price is: د.إ129.
Juul 2 Device UAE E-Cigarettes Description: Now, with more cigarette-like satisfaction, JUUL2 is an easy-to-use, next-generation JUUL Device designed for

Juul Device E-Cigarettes 200W in Dubai, UAE

Original price was: د.إ299.Current price is: د.إ149.

Juul Device Dubai Specifications:

  • Length (battery): 8.72 cm
  • Length (battery + pod): 9.48 cm
  • Width: 1.51 cm
  • Pod capacity 0.7 mL [200 puffs]
  • 200w internal battery
  • 4.5v
  • Between 6w and 10w approx!

Lambda I8 Heat Not Burn Device For iluma Sticks, Terea, Sentia Smartcore Sticks in Dubai, UAE

Original price was: د.إ299.Current price is: د.إ199.

Lambda I8 Heat Not Burn Device Specifications:

  • Heating type: Smartcore induction heating system
  • LED display: yes
  • Working temperature: 200 - 300 ℃ adjustable
  • Smoking time: 3 - 6 min. adjustable
  • Battery capacity: 3200 mAh
  • Input voltage: 5V / 2A
  • Charging time: about 2.5 hours
  • Smoking times: 35- 40 times (full charge).
  • Product size: 102.8*28.9*20.8 mm
  • Weight: 83g
  • Material: Aluminum alloy+PPSU+PEEK
  • Color: Black, Gray, Red, Green, Gold, White
  • Compatible with: TEREA, SENTIA, etc. Smartcore Sticks

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